Vitamin D and SAD: What’s the Connection?

vitamin d

Since sticking to conventional ways didn’t help you get better of your SAD, it is time to go off the beaten track and try your hand at something new! Well when it comes to unconventional ways to beat SAD, there is a wide vista of possibilities. One such possibility is trying Vitamin supplements since it is a popular belief that lack of Vitamin D may precipitate SAD. Is this true? Hold your horses; we are soon going to find out!

What Does Vitamin D Have To Do With Mood Balance?

You may find it hard to believe, but your mood is actually influenced by a combination of factors such as sunlight, melatonin (the sleep hormone), and serotonin (the hormone associated with elevated mood). In other words, since vitamin D is believed to be synthesized by means of ultraviolet rays, the lack of adequate sunlight in winter may lead to vitamin D deficiency in our body.  This, in turn, may lead to depressive mood in winter.

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

The relation between Vitamin D and SAD continues to be a matter of debate among the researchers, but even though, many of the experiments conducted so far do throw some lights on the matter.

  • A study released by the Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics and Nutritional Science, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that patients, who are psychologically depressed are 11 times more likely to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.
  • According to Dr Damien Downing, the present president of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, a “mega dose” of vitamin D,( about 100,000 units, which equal to about 20 of the 5000iu capsules), can work better on SAD than a week of bright light therapy.
  • However, as per, a group of the researchers in Boston gave a supplementation of 400 IU of vitamin D2 to women who were suffering from SAD. However, it bore no effect.

Even though the experts remain indecisive about considering Vitamin D to be an integral part of treating SAD, its capability to heal the condition has not been openly refuted either. So do you think that incorporating some vitamin D rich food in your diet can do you some good? Why not try?!

What Foods Can You Take?

The list of vitamin D rich foods is not a very big one. The only two dietary sources of this vitamin are-

  • Eggs and
  • Fish.

And apart from sunlight, there is hardly any other way to promote its production in your body. But hey, you can always think of taking some supplements!

Why permit SAD to take all the fun out of winter? Despite the fact that the research on the relation between Vitamin D deficiency and SAD is still at the grass root level, you can still give it a try! Who knows, it may bring you the relief that you have been looking for so long?