2 Top Choices To Start Your Day With If You Want To Banish SAD!

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Once you’ve learnt from your doctor how effective a light therapy box and also dawn stimulator can be in helping you deal with SAD, surely you will not let SAD ruin your happy hours during the Christmas. It’s all about making THE DECISION and buying the appropriate aid! If you are wondering about which product can be that ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ to help you in ‘transforming’ your life…check out these two top products in the market!

Light therapy box in treating SAD

One of the most-resorted-to treatment options of SAD is the light therapy box. It can work well both alone or when combined with anti-depressants or psychotherapy. The light emitting from this light box mimics the outdoor light. It enhances the mood and relaxes the SAD symptoms. It also adjusts the sleep cycle which is also important for SAD treatment. Half-an-hour ‘basking’ in front of this device daily does the job!

There are hundreds of light box out there in the market, each has different size, shape and different intensities of light. One may work better than the other for you. So, choose wisely before making the purchase.

In this case, one light therapy box that is a well trusted and within budget product should be named. It is the Sphere Gadget Technologies SP9882 Lightphoria Sad Light Therapy, 10,000 Lux. This device of 6 x 6.5 x 1 inches has a weight of 15.8 ounces. Here is what you can expect from it.

  • This therapy provides light up to 10,000 Lux to stimulate the natural sunrays.
  • There is no danger of getting in contact with harmful UV rays.
  • Place it 12 to 24 inches away from you when you use this device and sit for around 30 minutes daily.
  • It has a compact, sleek and lightweight design with a tilt back stand.
  • The intensity levels of the light are selectable and the timer is programmable for up to 15, 30 and 45 minutes.
  • The device is portable so that you can enjoy glare free and flicker free light therapy even if you are on a trip.
  • The best time to use it early morning; avoid using in the late afternoons.
  • This is a clinically proven device and provides a wide spectrum of light wavelength for a natural soothing glow and improving energy levels and the mood.
  • It comes in a nylon travel pouch with 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturers.
  • From Amazon, you can buy this product at only $59.99 and the consumers have it a high 4.5 star out of 5 at Amazon, because of its beautiful performance.

Dawn Stimulators in treating SAD

Dawn stimulators were also found to treat SAD symptoms. They are aptly ‘nicknamed’ mechanical sunrise. It acts as a soundless alarm clock in naturally waking up the body. Dawn simulation emits light within a range of 100 to 300 lux, and although they do not completely treat SAD, they treat part of the problem.

And while talking about dawn stimulators, the Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-up Light, White is a top choice. This much appreciated product has the following features:

  • This device of 6.5 x 6.5 x 10 inches and 3.5 pounds gradually prepares your body to wake up.
  • This is a clinically proven device comes equipped with the choice of FM or two pleasant sounds to wake-up to.
  • It is UV rays free and results will be seen with as little as 15 to 45 minutes usage daily.
  • This is the official product from the National Sleep Foundation and the light and sound gradually increases 30 minutes before your alarm time so that you feel more energetic to start off your day.
  • The light intensity can be set for as high as 250 lux and there are 20 brightness settings if you decide to use it as a bedside reading lamp.
  • It uses a 100-watt replaceable lamp of 12-volt halogen lamp.
  • It comes with limited warranty of one year and comes with the manual.
  • Amazon sells this product at $89.99 and has achieved a high 4.3 star out of from over 350 consumers.

In the end, all that can be said is that which device you will you choose completely depends on the type of problem you have. If it is difficulty in waking up from sleep along with mild SAD then you should opt for the Dawn stimulator but for serious SAD symptoms, you should opt for the Light therapy box.