2 Out-Of-The-Box Tricks to Beat the Winter Blues Real Fast

beat winter blues

As you look into the mirror, you find a different you. In your reflection, you find a demotivated individual, trying hard to put up a fake smile. You hate the cold winds, the damp, the long nights, and the scarce sunlight. It seems that there is no way to beat this Seasonal Affective Disorder. You are afraid that even in the New Year’s Eve you will probably lock yourself in a dark room.  Well, stop! Despair will take you nowhere but reading on will…

You Have Done All, but…

You have visited the physician, popped up pills, and used every ingenious tip that your friends have suggested. Though there are signs of progress, the results are not as fast as you have expected. Other than trying the traditional treatment options and implementing lifestyle changes, you can do something different. How about listening to some good and motivating music or going through some encouraging CDs? These are good ways to distract yourself from the depression. Why not take a chance with the following two products?

yoga for depression and anxiety dvd

Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

The first product is a CD enacted by Apryl Ryder and psychotherapist Ira Israel called Yoga for Depression and Anxiety (2011). The following are reasons why it is a hot favorite with SAD sufferers.

  • A fitness and wellness DVD containing 75 minutes of all-level Vinyasa flow yoga class which is especially created to endow you with peace of mind.
  • It contains a discussion on the functioning of our minds and the role of yoga in treating depression and anxiety.
  • The intelligent and contemporary voice of Ira Israel
  • Ira communicates the traditional mind/body practices, devising a natural blend of yogic philosophies and modern day psychology which helps in self awareness and transcendence.
  • A guide to explore the depths of their inner lives and relationship to Mystery while staying firmly rooted in the present.
  • The relatable and caring presence of Ira Israel


This CD has a listed price of $19.99; and since Amazon provides a 25% discount it becomes more pocket friendly at $14.97.

Consumers’ Reviews

Not even a year old, the Yoga for Depression and Anxiety (2011) has already created much impression. The 180 consumers have given it a high rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 at Amazon.

the mindful way through depression cd

The Mindful Way Through Depression

Another way that can be a good cure to depression is The Mindful Way Through Depression. The music is soulful and just what you need right now. The things you will love about this product are:

  • The music in the MP3 format is compatible with MP3 players including iPod, iTunes and Windows Media Player.
  • The package contains 4 discs.
  • The author has a very comforting voice and his style of delivery is very engaging- just what you need.


This CD too is very much within your budget. At Amazon, it will cost you only $11.98.

Consumers’ Opinion

This CD is just out in the market with only 2 consumer reviews at the time of writing. And we can understand that they have completely loved it from the full 5 stars that it has achieved at Amazon.

Reasons to be Hopeful

As we can now see, winter blues can be defeated. All you are required to do is be strong and positive from within. If you do so, and take the help of the unconventional ways mentioned above, you can stay certain – spring will not be far away!