12 Sure-Fire Tips To Banish Winter Blues

winter blues tips

The Boss at office may be all praises for you… but a feeling of demotivation and disinterest has already started settling in. Is this you? As the days of December start getting shorter, do you feel that there are fewer reasons for you to be happy? If yes, then you are a classic sufferer of winter blues. So, what will you do today? Apply for another sick leave from office? Or follow the following 12 tips and bring the 1000 watt smile back to your face!

Here is how you go about it:

i.    Recognize the Symptoms: fighting will be much easier if you notice the symptoms like lethargy, depression, a sense of uselessness or lack of energy or enthusiasm before they ‘gain momentum’.

ii.    Exercise: running on the snow covered roads may not exactly be a good idea, but you can hit your local gym and sweat it out. A good and long swimming session or a few hours at a steam and sauna room will do the needful.

iii.    Go on a Trip: the winter gives you perfect excuse to go on a vacation. Choose a warm place with bright sunshine and exotic surroundings.

iv.    Romance it up: with all the cold outside, now may be an ideal time to kindle up your romance again. Have a sunset sex, a great way to enjoy the pre-dinner hours. You can also have a candlelight dinner.

v.    Let the Sun Rise: there might be a little sun but get a monopoly on that. Soak every bit of the sun light. Open the curtains, windows. Even if it is little Vitamin D, it will be of much help to your depressive mood.

vi.    Go out; now: yes, it is freezing, but that does not imply that you cannot go for a walk, or indulge in ice-skating or snow-boarding.

vii.    Turn The Pages: get a good book to read or a nice movie to watch. It would be better if the book or the movie has a topic that you love, or pictures of warm and bright locales. You know why!

viii.    Let There Be Light: put on the lights. As soon as you wake up turn on the lights. Or you can get hold of special lamps or light box for treating your winter blues.

ix.    Restrain from Alcohol: there is no way in which a peg will alleviate your mood. Instead, it will drag you into more depression. So, keep all your alcohols locked away.

x.    Friend In Need: talk to your friends and family. Share your misery and try to realize that the days of winter are numbered.

xi.    Redefine: everything, from the wall colors to the accessories can be changed. So, even if it is cold and grumpy outside, you will feel better after coming home.

xii.    The Medicine Way: there are Vitamin D supplements that help. It will enhance your mood to a large extent.

The key to happiness is in your hands. Just remain positive and make an effort to change the depressive state of mind. Let these tips do the tricks on the winter blues.